Since the start in 2008


Studio Bk was built in 2008 and has since then produced several EP and albums. The Studio consists of a controlroom, liveroom, singingbooth and drumsroom.


The studio has been booked for 5 different recordings this far. 


During the year 8 groups have been active and 10 different recordings has been made. Per has studied audio engineering at the Academy of Music in Örebro. Mattias has studied to become a musicteacher at Umeå University. During the year the music was produced in the studio that is now on Itunes and Spotify, and played on Radio P4. National women's football team has made recording with us.


In January, we recorded a disc in with Mattias Ericsson and Flee and a disc with Antham. After these recordings were rebuilt the studio. The Liveroom is also used as a rehearsal space. In the current situation there are 9 bands rehearse in our local.